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Puzzle of the Day
Mystery Numbers2_edited.jpg
Puzzle of the Day
World Book Day
Mystery Numbers2_edited.jpg
World Book Day
Puzzle of the Day
Autumn One
Mystery Numbers.png
Autumn Two
Six Letter Challenge2.png
Spring One
Letter Logic 2.png
Spring Two
Word Connections2.png
Summer One
Crack The Code 2.png
Summer Two
Alphabet Soup2.png
Autumn 1: Puzzle of the Day
Monday 2nd September 
Mystery Numbers.png
Tuesday 3rd September 
Six Letter Challenge.png
Wednesday 4th September 
Say What You See 1.png
Thursday 5th September 
Number Trouble.png
Friday 6th September
Riddles 2.png
Monday 9th September 
Crack The Code.png
Tuesday 10th September 
Letters on the Loose 1.png
Wednesday 11th September 
Alphabet Soup.png
Thursday 12th September 
Number Sequence.png
Friday 13th September
Mystery Book Title.png
Monday 16th September 
Letter Logic1.png
Tuesday 17th September 
Fifteen Letters.png
Wednesday 18th September 
Word Connections.png
Thursday 19th September 
One to Seven Challenge.png
Friday 20th September
Riddles 3.png
Monday 23rd September 
Make me a calculation 1.png
Tuesday 24th September 
Target Word.png
Wednesday 25th September 
Word Groups.png
Thursday 26th September 
Coded Symbol Grid 1.png
Friday 27th September
Riddles 4.png
Monday 30th September 
A Famous Magician.png
Tuesday 1st October 
Word Jigsaws.png
Wednesday 2nd October 
Letter Sequence.png
Thursday 3rd October 
Number Trouble2.png
Friday 4th October
Riddles 6.png
Monday 7th October 
Mystery Numbers2.png
Tuesday 8th October 
Six Letter Challenge2.png
Wednesday 9th October 
Say What You See 2.png
Thursday 10th October 
Homophone Hunt.png
Friday 11th October
Dragon Lewis.png
Monday 14th October 
Crack The Code 2.png
Tuesday 15th October 
Letters on the Loose 2.png
Wednesday 16th October 
Alphabet Soup2.png
Thursday 17th October 
Make 1000.png
Friday 18th October
Riddles 7.png
Monday 21st October 
Letter Logic 2.png
Tuesday 22nd October 
Fifteen Letters 2.png
Wednesday 23rd October 
Word Connections2.png
Thursday 24th October 
On to Nine Challenge.png
Friday 25th October
Riddles 8.png
Autumn 2: Puzzle of the Day
Monday 4th November 
Mystery Numbers3.png
Tuesday 5th November
Alphabet Soup3.png
Wednesday 6th November 
Word Connections3.png
Thursday 7th November 
Number Trouble3.png
Friday 8th November
A Tricky Maths Quiz.png
Monday 11th November 
A Rocky Riddle.png
Tuesday 12th November 
Six Letter Challenge3.png
Wednesday 13th November 
Say What You See 3.png
Thursday 14th November 
On to Nine Challenge3.png
Friday 15th November
Monday 18th November 
Crack The Code3.png
Tuesday 19th November 
Target Word2.png
Wednesday 20th November 
Word Groups2.png
Thursday 21st November 
Coded Symbol Grid 2.png
Friday 22nd November
Who's in the Picture.png
Monday 25th November 
Letter Logic 3.png
Tuesday 26th November 
Eleven Letters.png
Wednesday 27th November 
Word Connections4.png
Thursday 28th November 
Number Trouble4.png
Friday 29th November
Monday 2nd December 
Make Me A Calculation 2.png
Tuesday 3rd December 
Word Jigsaws 2.png
Wednesday 4th December 
Say What You See 4.png
Thursday 5th December 
Number Sequence2.png
Friday 6th December
The Cowboy.png
Monday 9th December
Crack The Code4.png
Tuesday 10th December 
Letters on the Loose 3.png
Wednesday 11th December 
How Many Handshakes.png
Thursday 12th December
On to Nine Challenge4.png
Friday 13th December
Monday 16th December
Word Sort1.png
Tuesday 17th December 
Alphabet Soup4.png
Wednesday 18th December
Say What You See 5.png
Thursday 19th December
A Christmas Conundrum.png
Friday 20th December
Eleven Letters2.png
Spring 1: Puzzle of the Day
Spring 2: Puzzle of the Day
Summer 1: Puzzle of the Day
Summer 2: Puzzle of the Day
World Book Day
Picture Quiz
KS1 picture quiz.png
KS1 Book Quiz
WBD GK Quiz KS1.png
A Mystery Character 1
Fairy Tale Wordsearch.png
KS2 Book Quiz
WBD GK Quiz.png
Opening Lines
Opening Lines.png
WBD What Connects KS2.png
A Mystery Character 2
Mystery Character 1.png
Roald Dahl Wordsearch
Roald Dahl Wordsearch.png
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